In an attempt to create some useful items while toying around with my lasercutter, I created the flamingo and pigeon rubber stamps.

First tests (flamingos) were created with a raster engrave on normal stamp rubber and smelled horrible. I also had some problems with the smoke contaminating the rubber, so I needed to mask the surface with tape / masking fluid.

The simple form of the pigeon allowed me to cut through the rubber and was cut from special laser rubber. The handle was freehanded with the belt sanding machine. The strange form of the handle has a good grip and creates a pointer as to where the beak of the bird will be positioned towards. I also applied a bit of black paint for aesthetic reasons and to hide ink marks.

That’s when the madness really started.

I started experimenting with etching the designs straight out of the wood with rather amazing results. Combined with my fascination for sequence photography I started making the stamp sets. A set belongs in a box, so I ended up making customised boxes for them. This experiment is far from over… Updates will follow. Loving the results.


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