“BodyMap” was a construction made with Studio Pok.

The main idea was to build a machine to scan entire bodies. The resulting machine consists of a camera revolving around a person and continuously shooting images. The entire rig is hoisted up and down to cover every part of the body. The resulting image is a 2D representation of a 3D person.

I experimented with webcams and max/msp, but to improve the quality we used a Canon 550D DSLR camera to shoot pictures. I contacted Bram to build the rather menacing metal structure. The electronics proved to be a challenge and we called in software / Open Frameworks wizard Vincent Jacobs to further develop the software for generating the visuals.

Max/Msp code to control the hardware. We use 3 hoists each controlled by a couple of relais. Relais are driven with lower voltage relais interfaced with an arduino. The same arduino also reads the height of the main camera rig. Another arduino controls the stepper motor used to move the camera support around the huge lasercutted gear inside the main camera rig.


First build and test of the rig = toying around:

First tests with old Max/Msp software:


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