Carrousel des moutons

In between some other jobs I was asked to go to France for a week to run a show for D’irque et Fien. Their show “Carrousel des moutons'” had been on the road for quite some time and I was a bit stressed because I had never used the grandMA dongle they are using for the show. I was briefed by some friends of mine who created/toured with the show and everything went well.

The week went by in a flash and I met some great people: Dirk, Fien and their cute little girl Whoopie and my current partner on the road Tim Oelbrandt (Tropoi).

Oh, and before I forget, we almost died as well. :) The truck decided it didn’t need four wheels after all and started losing bolts along the way…┬áThe show played on time.

On a somehow related note: Pavement – Cut your hair.


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