Solitude” is a production of Transparant. It’s a two week course for young musicians and singers working with music by Henry Purcell. I was asked to work out visuals for the show.

The visuals tried to combine opera with current gaming culture. I recorded games and directed other players in game. The most memorable shoot took place after I contacted the folks from a Tale of Tales and played The Endless Forest with the entire crew. While playing, the nice folks of Tale of Tales showed off everything the game has in store.

The most challenging part of the show was to control projections on one large projection screen in the back and on two smaller rolling cubes. I controlled the one in the back with my old laptop and used my other one with a matrix to control the cubes. The cubes showed a chatbox and a live stream between a girl and a boy sitting inside the cubes. The stream was replaced by a recording later because the wireless system turned out unstable. Switching between systems last minute because of new requirements didn’t help me either. I made a patch in pure data running on two netbooks in the cubes and received those messages in another patch on my laptop. The messages were routed to a quartz composer patch. I experimented with vdmx, but in the end Qlab was much more reliable for automating everything (lots of long fades).

All source files can be found in this zip document. I tried to document the patches the best I could, but some experience will be needed to get things running.


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