Sneeuwwitje en de 77 vergiften

“Sneeuwwitje en de 77 vergiften” is the remixed version of Snow White and the 7 dwarves.

The result is a theatre production for 12+. We made this thing with a rather small crew but the result is a show I am quite proud of.

Time and money concerns forced me to make maximum use of every fixture I had at my disposal. Learning from previous shows, I made a sober light plot with lots of options. I ended up using my Lanbox and I’m addicted to this little black box now. Villanella used to have simple cues for light, but I ended up with 4 cuelists to control chases and falling curtains. In addition to light, I also supervised the audio used in the show. I created soundscapes and made sure everything blended in the end.

All sound and light is controlled by QLab. This nifty piece of software amazed me again. Rocksteady and a joy to use, even in rehearsal wartime.

I did not like the poster from the beginning. :)
So I did some old-school redesign.


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